Why Do I Play Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows creativity, community and enjoyment. It connects different people with different background and it promotes creativity.

I have been playing Minecraft for 8 years. I started in the summer of 2012 when I was still 8 years old. I was introduced to the game by my cousin and it quickly became favourite game. Minecraft was the game that I absolutely loved. I remember my first shared world with my cousin. His need to prank me and how much I try and carefully avoid his machinations. I remember when they introduced Horses to the game and how far I have ridden in my first Horse. The first coloured stained glass and the Savanna biome.

Minecraft has been a constant source of entertainment and ideas that fueled my creativity. It helped me find my hobby and introduced me to Programming. Other people in the Minecraft Modding community really helped me to learn Java Programming as a way to add new items, mobs and things to the game that I have always dreamt off.

Back in 2015, I was really into modding. The modding space then was a treasure full of stuff to do and things that add more excitement to the game. It was unofficially dubbed as the Golden Age of Modding. The most active modding community was back in the version of 1.7.10. It was what fuelled me to create a mod of my own. I downloaded tutorial videos of YouTubers to learn programming.

At first, I put those videos on the T.V when no one was at home and I followed it step by step. Then I started to put my spin on it, replacing the little things like mod name, mod package and etc. I then cross reference it to other tutorial videos of others and make a conclusion that this thing I was taught was really needed. It is one of my ways of learning: stitch together many different things to teach me how and why it works.

I was constantly playing in servers. from SkyBlock, where you play on a small island in the middle of nowhere where you need to survive and build to your heart's desire. It created a challenge, Skywars/Bedwars where you defend your base from attackers in floating islands, Prison in which you mine, mine, mine to rank-up and escape prison, and many more. Servers provided a way to play with others in a fun, creative way. Minecraft became a way to connect with others. Minecraft paved way for multiplayer servers that provide fresh and different gamemodes that gives player enjoyment.

Even to this day, I still cherish and remember friendships that have been forged from my interactions in servers. Friends from US to all around the world. Minecraft gives way to wonderful friendships that may or may not last but still loved. It was a way to still play with my far away friends and to meet many acquaintances that could be friendships.

Minecraft was synonymous with building, but quite frankly, I sucked at building. I can't build a house to save a life and yet I always play the game. I loved its free and creative way where you are allowed to do anything really. I always play survival and 'beat' the game many times that I could count.

As to this day, Players of Minecraft are still pushing the game's limits. From replicas of the Wonders of the World to towns and cities, Minecraft lets players run their imagination, from limited blocks there are unlimited possibilities. They created a game which does not in anyway hinder Imagination amongst players. No Chairs? use stairs or Scaffolding with doors, you can have many combinations to choose from. In Minecraft, Limitations give players endless possibilities.

Minecraft became the best selling video game of all time, beating Tetris. Minecraft for me became a symbol of creativity, togetherness and a game for all ages. Minecraft maybe dated in appearance, but its 126 Million Active Players (As of May 2020) still makes its mark on the world.