Study at Home First Month Impressions

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During the Corona Virus Pandemic, a lot has changed in our lives including Education. Even though a virus is roaming around, we still need Education.

(For Context: I am a Grade 11 Student in STEM track.)

The opening of our schools was moved for a few months, from June 2 to October 5 2020. The schools provided a choice for online learning and modular learning. In my place of residence, online learning is not really an option, so I have chosen Modular learning.

Initially, I was excited to finally do something after months of just staying at home. But a day later, I was so bored and I am missing interaction from school.

The thing is that the modules that they have given us are not that easy to study with. As a Grade 11 Student I am fairly confident on my self-studying skills even back then. Now, I'm scratching my head trying to understand what some texts mean. My only option is to use YouTube especially for Maths. Some, are just summarized with Questions that aren't even included in the summary.

I find myself bored and fighting really hard to not procrastinate. It's frustrating to say the least. I want to study but being faced with pages and pages of text is just hard to deal with. I really have to force myself to study.

They gave us a choice for online learning or modular learning. I think they need to rethink their strategies. I am in an area that is far from the city and is lacking in cell reception. We recently bought Prepaid WiFi and an antenna. We can't subscribe to ISPs because we need to pay for cabling and it costs A LOT. This is my situation and the truth is, many don't have the capacity to connect or use the internet. Sure, many have phones, but in the current state of our Telecommunication Companies today, they concentrate on densely populated areas. Many are in rural areas where their cell receptions are weak. Student's can't rely on Internet Cafes as they are closed or strictly monitored due to the pandemic.

I think they need to step up with their game and produce modules that can be understood easily by students, many of the students just study by themselves.

"The Youth is the Hope of our Future" -Jose Rizal