Minecraft Caves and Cliffs First Impressions

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Let's welcome the brand new Minecraft Update: Caves and Cliffs Update!

Disclaimer: The images related to Minecraft are owned by Mojang Studios, I don't profit out of their work, merely enjoying it.

Yesterday, Mojang Studios announced the new Minecraft update that will completely change the world. The Caves and Cliffs Update focuses on Cave Generation that has been the most wanted update by far, it also adds the Mountains that are voted from 2019 Minecon Live.

This update is the most awaited update for Minecraft for years, as such, Mojang stated that they carefully planned this update for years ensuring every type of player will get something for this update. I actually am genuinely wowed and jaw-dropped as they revealed the title of the update. This update is the greatest most feature-packed update since I played Minecraft 8 years ago.

I was surprised and excited when they announced the update and its features. For a couple of minutes, I was speechless due to the amazing way that they showed and delivered the most anticipated update. The way that the caves generate reminded me of some mods back in the golden years of modding. (In my opinion of course..) I think as a Game Development Studio, Mojang Studios listens intently and works together with the community to provide an experience that is acceptable to the players, not just forcing anyone to just accept whatever changes the game will do to your player experience.

Caves are a new improved feature of the upcoming update. From Small Caves to Huge Caverns. They also implemented local water levels for Underground Water Caves, it also provides natural waterfalls underground. Cave Shapes and Sizes are completely biome independent but it scales up according to the terrain above. I was actually impressed by the new Caves that they will implement. The Caves sizes are completely independent on the biome. It scales up depending on the terrain.

The Lush Cave Biome gives life the poor greyscale stone caves. It provides new vegetation and really helps vitalize the caves. The new Axolotls give this cave biome a cute new mob. I really love Mojang's dedication to helping people to understand endangered animals.

Bringing Axolotls to the oceans will certainly helpful to us in handling Hostile Sea Creatures. They also have an ability to play dead, thereby have a chance to heal.

The Dark Deep also introduces a new interesting addition to the game. The Dark Deep essentially is a a dark and scary place wherein lies mobs and the new Warden. The Warden is blind, but don't think for a second it's easy. This mob can detect vibrations and packs quite a punch, definitely for late game players. The brand new Sculk Sensors will certainly help the Warden locate you by also detecting if you make a vibration and creates a sound that the Warden will follow. Though these sensors have a redstone application that emits a redstone signal when vibration is detected. The Sculk Sensors can be blocked by wool to control its detecting capabilities. This paved way for wireless redstone. I am sure it will crank up the imagination of Redstone and Technical Engineers of Minecraft to the extreme with these block and what possibilities that they bring to the core Minecraft experience that will surely tickle the minds of them for years.

Amethyst Crystals are also new, they can be found in Amethyst Geodes that work like a Dungeon wherein the geodes can be found anywhere and is rare. The Crystals can be harvested but can only be regrown in geodes wherein the blocks are like a Spawner, can be destroyed but can't be picked up. This opens new items for this update and the next updates to come.

Telescope is a new item that will provide you a way to zoom in to the game. Unlike Optifine, which is a keybind, the telescope is an item that is right-click to zoom. It adds a vignette that obscures your view like a normal telescope. Though for me, I think they need to let us place this like a real telescope.

Lightning Rods when placed gives the surrounding area a lightning protection, especially for wooden and flammable builds.

Copper is an interesting one. Its ore variant is generated in a different way whereas, it is a scattered not clustered. This creates an interesting way to mine Copper. The Copper Block variants will age, From Copper-ish Orange to Green. It makes a long-time build feel old. I think they should create something that makes blocks age, so the players could select which builds they want to allow to age.

Bundles is certainly a vanilla way to manage the inventory problem. It's different in a way to Shulker Boxes where you can put and pull items in your inventory which is quite handy than having to put it down and open it. It's a poor man Shulker Box. :)

Mountains and Goats. The new Mountains are great and majestic. Goats live in the great heights. They jump quite high and can ram you. The new Powder Snow are like Snow but once you walk in it, you will fall through. It creates a somewhat of a trap block.

Archeology. Who knew? It is a great addition. This is a new system where generated Archeology sites that you can find throughout the world. It provides a new way for playing that realistically resembles real life Archeology. This is actually a surprising addition to Minecraft, but I can see the point they are trying to make. They want Minecraft to not only be enjoyed but to be learned on as they base somethings in real life. You can really impact a person's life by teaching them while they are playing and are having fun while doing it. It shows that they want to impact lives of their players in good and educative way.

I think they revitalized the community that is yearning for more Overworld changes and brings the community excitement and curiosity to what is coming. I truly think that the community of Minecraft worldwide wondered and marveled at the sheer size of the upcoming update.

The Mob Vote was an interesting one, I voted for the Glow Squid 'coz I prefer it against a glorified cow (Moo Bloom, no offense :) ). I voted against the Iceloger one because although its interesting, I don't want a repeat of the Phantom last Minecon 2017. I don't want to regret my choice later on. The Glow Squid won! So, I can't wait to see what they will do to it, only time will tell.

Minecraft is a game that keep evolving over the years, even from when I started with my cousin, It continued to evolve to become a wonder and a marvelous experience to us players and players-to-be. Minecraft is a Sandbox Game of infinite opportunities, you can do anything that comes to your imagination. It is such an experience with a game design that is endearing to me as a gamer and to others who play the game. It creates limitless possibilities that many can relate, it creates the idea that you can be whatever you want to be. It also gives you an authentic Survival experience that will continually be enjoyed by everyone.

Here's to more Minecraft! :)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein